Rosario Monaco

Rosario Monaco

web application specialist

Ispica, Ragusa

About Me

Excellent knowledge of web concepts, web development, content manager system, Rich Internet Application, SEO, SEM, data mining, web crawling and database optimization

Demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects under tight deadlines

Solid experience managing web projects through all phases: meeting with clients, defining needs, planning, execution, testing and maintenance

Proven experience managing web content and projects for multiple sites for a major crown corporation

Innovative, creative and excellent problem solving skills


Programming and markup language/Framework: PHP, xHTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery, XML, XSLT, XPath, ASP, ASPx, VB, VB.NET, JAVA, Jsp, Yii Framework

DBMS: MySQL, SQL Server 2000/2005, Oracle

CMS/CRM: EidosMedia Méthode, CRM Onyx, Communiqué Enterprise CMS (CQ5)

Full-text search engine: Sphinx

Advertising: OpenX Ad Server, DoubleClick for Publishers, Google AdWords

Cross-browser and standards-compliant web sites, Web Usability, SEO, SEM, Rich Internet Application

API: facebook, twitter, linkedin, google

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